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& Printing

Kodak chemicals. Digital printing gives you ultra-sharp pictures with brilliant color.

  • We use the world’s best photographic papers.
  • Hide minor scratches, remove dirt.
  • Your negatives are cut, sleeved & returned to you in archival packaging.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order with your laboratory to get my film developed, scanned and/or have prints made?

There are two convenient ways to place your order and then mail your film to us (if you don’t live near our Florida laboratory):
1) Order Online - Visit our site on your computer, cell phone or tablet.

  • You'll find it quick-and-easy to let us know exactly the film processing services you want.
    You can order:
    • Film scans that you can use on social media.
    • Prints with a choice of – 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ Or…
    • Both scans and prints
    • You can also choose to have our laboratory just develop your negatives—a good choice if you’d like to do your own scanning.
  • We'll email you a confirmation of your order plus a postage-free label that you can print out.
    • Adhere the label to any secure package, insert your film or single-use camera(s) and drop your package in the mail.
  • We’ll inform you via email of your order’s status every step along the way.
    • When your shipping label has been emailed to you
    • On the day your film arrives at our lab
    • When your scans are made and uploaded to you
    • As soon as your negatives–with or without optional prints–are in the mail to your home
Or …
2) Use one of the printed order forms we provide so that you can send us your rolls in one of our postage-free Business Reply Film Mailers.
Please click here if you’d like us to send you a film mailer. Programmers link to .
  • Our mailer is very secure. It can hold up to eight (8) rolls of 35mm film or two (2) single-use cameras.
  • If you have 120 film, please cut out the printed address panel on our Business Reply and adhere it to any secure box.
Be sure to fill in and include our order form with your processing order.
If you live in South Florida: You can drop off your exposed film – or pick up your developed, scanned and printed rolls – at our Laboratory Store.
Address: Dale Laboratories, 2960 Simms Street, Hollywood, Florida (954) 925-0103.
We’re open Monday – Friday from 10AM – 5PM • 10AM – 2PM on Saturdays.
Shipping Methods:
  • We pay the postage for you to mail us your film when you order through or if you use our Business Reply Mailer.
  • You can also send your film by FedEx, UPS or USPS Express Mail, if you’d prefer. You’re welcome to use these optional shipping methods at your expense.

Do you develop all film sizes … 35mm, 120, and Single-Use Cameras?

Yes, we develop roll films from all manufacturers. These include:

  • All 35mm, 120 and single-use camera color print films (C-41 Process)
  • 35mm & 120 transparency and slide films (E-6 Kodak Ektachrome & Fujichrome)
  • 35mm and 120 Black & White films
  • APS (Advanced Photo System) film:
    • Please Note: All APS film rolls were manufactured over twenty years ago. Because of their age we may not be physically able to properly open, scan and re-spool the rolls. If your rolls have not already been developed their images in all probability will be fogged by aging and produce poor image quality. So, all we can promise is a “best effort” attempt at processing APS rolls.
We do not process, scan or print the following film sizes:
  • 110
  • 126
  • Disc film
  • 4″ x 5″ or 8″ x 10″ sheet film
Or … discontinued films using the following processes:
  • Kodachrome
  • C-22 color print films
  • E-4 slide films
Seattle FilmWorks or motion picture film from Dale Laboratories:
We may be able to develop these films, depending on their generation and the chemical processes required for any individual rolls. We can usually process Seattle Filmworks rolls if the cassette says SFW-XL.
Please phone us at (800) 327-1776 if you’re unsure. Our Customer Service team will determine whether we can still process your rolls.

How will I will receive my scans, prints and negatives?

We will develop your film first. Then, our technicians will:

  • Scan your negatives
  • Produce optional prints, if you’ve ordered them
  • Cut and insert your negatives into archival sleeving. (We also offer you the option of not cutting your negatives, with them being returned in clear plastic sleeving.)
  • Scans will be up uploaded to you via WeTransfer. You’ll receive an email message with a download link.
    • When you click on the link the files will go into the Downloads folder on your computer. From there you can place them into a marked folder on your hard drive.
    • Use the JPEG files we provide for social media, to make prints on your inkjet or laser printer or to order prints from our laboratory through one of our online sites: (amateurs and/or consumers) or (advanced amateurs or pro photographers).
  • Prints (optional) will be delivered to your home via First Class or Priority US mail.
  • Negatives – with or without a print order – will be returned to your home via First Class mail.

What are your turn-around times? From the day I place my roll(s) in the mail how soon should I expect to receive online delivery of my scanned images? How about prints from my film or my negatives?

Turn-around time is dependent on when we receive your exposed film (from the Post Office) and the number of services you request.

  • Our postage-free film mailers … or packages you might send with our complimentary, lab-addressed labels … will usually arrive at our laboratory in two – five days. Delivery times are dependent on the US Post Office. But, postal delivery is very secure and reliable.
  • We generally develop your film and scan the processed rolls within two business days of receiving it.
    • Uploaded scans are sent to you via WeTransfer on the same day your film is scanned. A download link allows you to retrieve the image files and store them on your computer.
  • Please allow one additional day in-lab for packing and shipment of your negatives and optional prints. Shipment to you is made via First Class USPS mail unless you have chosen Priority Mail or UPS.

Do you charge extra for developing single-use cameras? What is your advice on ways I can get the best photographic results from a single-use camera?

There is no extra charge for sending us your single-use-cameras. We charge the same prices for 27 exposure single-use cameras as we do for a 24-exposure 35mm film roll.
We will treat your photographs with the same care that we do on all 35mm films. (Our approach is to reward and thank you for sending us your film; not penalize you with surcharges for using a single-use camera.)
Our technicians individually correct every single frame on your roll for exposure and color. We also use digital sharpening software that will improve the sharpness of your images. This extra care and superior technology means that scans and prints from your single-use camera will be the best possible from any given roll.
Here are a few tips to get the best photos possible from single-use cameras:

  • We suggest purchasing SUCs from the two top manufacturers; Kodak and Fuji. Kodak single-use cameras contain 800 ISO film while Fuji cameras are loaded with 400 ISO.
    • The ISO is important because with the plastic lenses and small f/stops on the SUCs you need higher-speed films. The cameras are engineered to use either ISO 400 (Fuji) or 800 (Kodak).
    • Our suggestion is that for a very important life event – particularly if the photos will be taken indoors, using the built-in flash units, that ISO 800 speed film gives you a real edge in getting better exposures. So, for indoor shooting we recommend using Kodak’s FunSaver Flash single-use-cameras. We believe that the FunSavers are an excellent choice if you want to place single-use cameras on wedding reception tables for use by your guests.
    • In general we don’t recommend using cameras from companies that reload film into them. These reloaded SUCs are sold over the Internet or as store-branded cameras.
    • Many of these companies buy 36 exposure rolls of film–often from questionable suppliers (not Kodak or Fuji)–cut the length down to 27 exposures, and reload them into recycled single-use cameras. (Again, sometimes not the higher quality cameras manufactured by Kodak or Fuji.)
      While there are reputable manufacturers who reload film into single-use cameras and sell them at a discounted price, particularly for “wedding camera packages” we have found that some of these inexpensive reloads have 200 ISO film (rather than 400 or 800 ISO), which results in severely underexposed photos. We have also had customers send us reloaded cameras where the film inside was physically damaged or fogged by manufacturers’ poor quality control.
      You don’t want to take any chances on your very special day! Reloaded single-use cameras may be OK for the kids to use for snapshots. But, we recommend that you don’t use them for important life-events.
      That said, we do process single-use cameras from all manufacturers and will always give you the best quality scans and prints possible from any single-use camera.
    • There is One Exception, A Single-Use Camera Company We Can Recommend: The Custom Camera Collection is a trustworthy company where you can safely buy discounted single-use camera packages. Custom Camera sells cameras in attractive packaging that are perfect for special, group shooting events (i.e., Baby showers, family reunions, etc.)
      What separates Custom Camera from the other online single-use camera manufacturers and merchandisers is that they responsibly reload their cameras:
      • - They use only Fuji or Kodak cameras received and recycled from photo labs like ours.
      • - Their film is fresh Kodak 400 brought directly from Kodak.
      • - Each camera has the Expiration/Use By date imprinted on it so that you’ll know if your camera has new film in it when you’re ready to shoot.
      • - Here is their contact information:
      Custom Camera Collection
      Email: [email protected]
      540-535-0414 • 800-929-0130
  • Always be sure to check the “Use By” date on the camera. That will be imprinted on any camera manufactured by Kodak, Fuji or any responsible manufacturer.
    • The expiration date may not be shown on re-spooled or store-branded cameras. This alone is a pretty good reason not to use these cameras
    • If old film is loaded is into SUCs or if they have been stored beyond their expiration date and the film has gone “bad” you’ll end up with inferior, age-fogged photos.
  • Purchase Kodak or Fuji cameras from a reliable source.
    • Retail and drug stores are trustworthy. They will normally rotate their single-use camera stock.
    • Avoid buying film or single-use cameras from tourist shops when you travel because there’s a good chance it may be old or improperly stored.
    • If buying on the Internet, try to only use reputable photo companies. You have no way of knowing how online retailers store their cameras or the quality of the film in their reloaded single-use cameras.
    • o We sell Kodak and Fuji single-use-cameras at our Hollywood lab store. If you would like to purchase a single-use camera or cameras from us please phone (800) 327-1776 or (954) 925-0103. We will charge you our store’s regular retail price plus $5 per roll for shipping.